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Zrinka Jancic - past life regression therapy hypnosis and personal developement

Zrinka Jancic is past life therapist and hypnotist, a Buddhist and Reiki teacher. Born 23rd November 1970, has shown interest in eastern philosophy, meditation, astrology at the age of 10. Her development was enforced by a spontaneous kundalini rising before 17th birthday. This significant event led to the development of "inner vision", so she became a spiritual teacher at the age of 25. She has spontaneous memory of past lives, including a prominent Tibetan yogi Dakpo Tashi Namgyal who lived in 16th century.

Author of a book "Path to past lives" published in Croatian 2002, guest of many tv and radio shows, gives lectures and courses in homeland and abroad.

Zrinka Jancic lives in Samobor, Croatia.

Past life therapy is available in English and Croatian. One session takes about two hours, and is recorded on CD in mp3 format.

For further information please call +38513366920,  +385915593089 or        

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